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Hey, you've got to hide your love away.

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108 stars of destiny, 3000g, armor, battle chocobos, battle shorts, brightly-colored teenage heroes, captains america, children's cardgames on motorcycles, chocobros, draaagon, elven blacksmiths, evensong's heir, fakeass egypt, fictional clothes, final fantasies, genetically engineered super soldiers, grissom's whompy stick, gummi moogles, honorable sellswords, horseless headmen, impossible three-ruffle cravats, indiepub, ivalice, magical boy anime, male white mages, men of iron, mr. wright now, multiple points of articulation, nightsky fireknowledge quicksilver swordfriend, nightswimming, nine armors only, no heart, objecting, october, odessa castle, omnigears, playing old games, prompto's lucky socks, recipehs, rhs-113, riskbreakers, rolling 20's, running down a dream, ryuugekitai, saint iocus, sephiroth that pie-eating sonuvabitch, six-string in hock, songbirds of valnon, still yearning unburning, suikoden, temple birds, the metal arm club, the millennium potholder, these fists o' mine, three of cups, umeboshi, vagrant story, winterborn boys, worthy edges, xenogears, yaoi, yoroi, yuu yugioh no matsuei, zell has other tattoos, zomg basch
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